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The Schell Brothers Book Club will meet monthly to discuss a book chosen by the group. Each month a new poll will be distributed in which member will vote on which book they would like to read next. The book that receives the most votes will be selected as the choice for next month's reading.

Discussion questions for each book will be distributed once the book has been chosen for the month. These discussion questions will provide a foundation for each reader as they get through the book and will help with the monthly group discussion.

Each month 6 volunteers will be selected to participate in a discussion on the group's monthly book selection. This discussion will be facilitated by a member of the planning team. The remaining members of the group will be able to watch the discussion virtually via zoom. Each session will have time for a Q&A after the group discussion in which members of the book club will be able to ask anything that they may want to discuss further. Each virtual session will be recorded and hosted on the Schell Brothers website for on-demand viewing.

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